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Classic design, solid engineering, and superb quality have made Eric Vaughn's aluminum Real Wheels the first choice of many professional hot rod builders since they were introduced back in 1983.

In 2004, after many years of very limited production runs and sporadic availability, Pat O'Brien bought the Real Wheels name and molds, and started a new company called Real Rodders Wheels. The company is owned and operated by hot rodders and racers. Our new products retain the same very high quality and materials that Real Wheels became known for, but with quicker delivery, and a larger selection of sizes and styles of the "original classic wheels".

Vintage patina wheels are hand-finished works of art that only a specialty wheel boutique, such as Real Rodders Wheels, can offer. They are finished to emulate the look of a forty year old wheel that was found and restored by someone who spent untold hours in the garage hand-working and restoring them to a pristine condition. They scream Vintage Rod or Race.


    Real Wheels 15 by 5 1/2

      Dick Rodwell's original '32 Ford Roadster with 15 x 5.5" Real Wheels



Everyone who has seen the wheels, including several long-time hot rodders, all agree that they are substantially better than any similar wheels that any of them had ever seen. For all practical purposes, they are perfect.  All Real Rodders Wheels are entirely made in the USA, and manufactured using aerospace-quality CNC machinery.

For 26 years now, Real Wheels have been the choice of discriminating rod owners searching for a traditional style wheel. The company's reputation is well known for unrelenting quality control, as well as a dedication to providing sizes and designs aimed at the street rodder wanting no compromises.

Produced in the USA from the finest materials in one-piece castings, just as the famous vintage wheels we all remember from yesteryear, Real Rodders Wheels are now available in all of the popular original sizes and bolt patterns. They are fully polished by one of the top companies in the country, then carefully packaged to protect them during shipping. 

If there ever was a complaint about Real Wheels in the past, it was only that the limited production runs kept customers on a waiting list. The new ownership of Real Rodders Wheels has partnered with the finest foundry in the country, and all of the sizes of the past are now being produced in quantity, in any bolt pattern, in addition to new wheel designs that are in the planning stages. 

Now that you're tired  of antiseptic-looking billet wheels and welded up copies of old racing wheels made overseas, Get the real thing!  Real Rodders Wheels!  Manufactured and polished completely in the USA!



Thanks to Brian Moylan, our Australia distributor, another happy customer drives away in his '32 Ford pickup with a set of Original Real Rodders Wheels.




"A Piece of His-story"


"In 1963 as a Pasadena, CA youth with first-year teenager status, I was inspired by a HOT ROD MAGAZINE "Green Pages" feature article to build a Model "A" coupe with a Chevy 283 as my first car. Completed as a finished, painted, and upholstered car. I had to wait three months to drive it on my own license at 15.

Then, graduating High School in 1967, I used my Hot Rod as a car diploma to be hired at Blairs Speed Shop in Pasadena. After five years of graduate work at B.U. (Blairs University), and with a two-year Honor Degree from Pasadena College, I ventured out on my own with a Hot Rod oriented machine shop. In early 1974, Pete, Jake, and I started Pete n' Jakes Hot Rod Parts.

In 1982, I built the tooling and began manufacturing Real Wheels, a cast aluminum vintage car wheel with the flavor of the Mag wheel. Halibrand Wheels of the 1960's ceased production in 2003 after producing about 15,000 of them. I still have my 1950 style louver punching machine, which I bought in 1975, that has punched over 100,000 louvers. Today I modify aluminum wheels.

I never built a race vehicle for myself until Muroc 1 in 1996. As a tongue-in-cheek challenge to each other, master Indian Motorcycle restorer Jerry Greer and I raced each other for time. I lost by 1 M.P.H. by running 99 M.P.H. By the end of the 1999 season I had 11 red tags, with a best run of 133  M.P.H. and only one incomplete run out of 54 passes. I built the 70 year old 1929 Scott from pieces.

I am thankful that the SCTA perpetuates the racing venues, so that competitors like me can validate their performance potential on the reality dyno. 

I am also thankful that Pat O'Brien is guiding Real Wheels in a forward positive motion. I recently spent the better part of the day with him, checking out the new Real Wheels styles and the sizes they have added to their line. Good Job!"  


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"MADE IN AMERICA - What does that mean to us?


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