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    "The Original" Magnesium Wheel 

        15 x 4.5                                                                         15 x 4.5   

   Machined Finish                                                              DOW 7 Finish 


THE GOOD NEWS  -  The wheels shown above are our new Original Magnesium Wheels that we debuted at the L.A. Roadster Show on Father's Day 2007. 

THE BAD NEWS  -  The 7th U.S. foundry that we have attempted to contract with to cast our magnesium wheels has informed us that they can not meet the high standards and criteria that we require, for a price that is affordable.

Pat and I are considering our options, and deciding which direction to take with our magnesium wheel program. We have several options currently in the works. Our goal is to make a strong magnesium wheel that can be mass-produced here at home in the U.S. We have many styles already on the drawing board, but they must pass today's rigid testing to be as safe on the road as they are on the track. This is our dilemma.

Any feedback that you have as a customer or fan of Real Wheels / Real Rodders Wheels would be appreciated. Please contact Frankie Botelho at



 Magnesium Wheel

 Flat Plate shown above is available at additional cost


"How to Read Our Part Numbers"


Magnesium  Wheel Size

Inside  Width

Back  Spacing

Front Spacing

As Cast/Machined Cost per Wheel

DOW 7 Finish Cost per Wheel

Part Number

15 x 4.5

4.50" 2.00" 3.25" . .

OM 54

15 x 5.5






OM 55

16 x 5

5.00" . . . .

OM 65

16 x7

7.00" . . . .

OM 67

16 x 8

8.00" 4.25" 4.50" . .

OM 68

16 x 8  TRICK

8.00" 2.25" 6.50" . .

OM 68T

16 x 10 10.00" 4.25" 6.50" . . OM 60

16 x 12

7.00" 4.25" 8.50" . .

OM 62

All wheels come complete with push-thru caps and lug nuts. Knock-Offs and Flat Plates are available for an additional charge, and can be found on our Accessories page.

Polishing will be available. There is no pricing at this time.







"MADE IN AMERICA - What does that mean to us?








Our wheels come with a 30 Day Unconditional Guarantee. This applies to all wheels that have not had a tire mounted on them, been altered or damaged in any way, and they must be returned to us in the original factory box. 





Magnesium alloys and magnesium casting techniques have progressed significantly in the last forty years. Real Nostalgia magnesium wheels are vastly superior to any of the old magnesium wheels in terms of balance, consistency, concentricity, corrosion resistance, porosity, purity, sealing, and surface finish.

To make sure that our magnesium wheels work reliably with tubeless tires, we incorporate a proven new patented method to seal the rim.

The 15 x 5.5 is the perfect early rod front wheel, using easy-to-find tires and having the extra inch of offset to the inside for easier steering, fender clearance, and better coverage over "disc in a drum" brake setups, compared to a 4.5 inch wheel. 

The new 16 x 5 and 16 x 7 sizes are available as Real Nostalgia magnesium wheels. These 16 inch wheels meet the demand for larger diameter, yet traditional-looking wheels that accept both nostalgia bias-ply tires and modern radials.

The 16 x 5 was designed to provide lots of front fender clearance on early hot rods. For those who want the look of narrow bias-plies all around, the 16 x 5 can also be used on the back of an early Fifties-style hot rod. The 16 x 5 has a 2-1/2" backspace.

The 16 x 7 works well on the back of traditional hot rods and can be used all around on bigger cars. The 16 x 7 has a 3-1/4" backspace.

Real Rodders Wheels and Real Nostalgia wheels are available drilled in any 5-lug bolt pattern, including Ford and Mopar 5 on 4 1/2", Chevy 5 on 4 3/4", GM 5 on 5", and early Ford 5 on 5 1/2". They can also be supplied in the standard six-pin pattern for sprint cars and other vintage race cars.

Rather than using the same center as on our 15 inch wheels, and then simply adding extra material just inside the rim, our 16 inch wheels are accurately scaled-up versions of the 15's, with identical proportions throughout.

Polishing is available on request on our magnesium wheels.

Our rims will also fit the '64 - '78 Corvette with large OEM calipers using a 1/4" spacer.

Wheels are available in virtually any 5 bolt pattern.

Polished center caps and knock-offs are available. See our Wheel Accessories page.




For those of you that want the highest standard of safety for your your Real Rodders Racing Wheels, we suggest/insist that you go the extra mile and have us X-Ray your wheels to ensure racing integrity. The cost for this service is $175 per wheel. 


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